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At this column you can learn to create your own egg-O-shOOter.
<<<     The file 'log.txt'     >>>

Whenever egg-O-shOOter is not handling your objects like expected, you should have a look at the file 'log.txt', which can be located at your program directory (e.g. c:\program files\egg-O-shOOter).
All events or errors are journalized there and some of this entries shall be explained down below.

The lines 'HardwareDetect - Vendor=xxx, Device=xxx, Rev=xxx' describe the (PCI) hardware of your computer.

Subsequent the program version is written (Programversion=1b) with the activation code behind (if you play the full version)

The lines (OpenGL Vendor, OpenGL Renderer and OpenGL Version) list the used graphic driver. If Microsoft appears as vendor, it means you have NO driver supporting OpenGL-Hardware installed! Consequently the game should run veeery slow. You should install the driver of your graphic cards vendor instead of the Microsoft driver.

TimerInit - Time-resolution=0.00001 seconds
To make e.g. the birds fly with the same speed at different computers, egg-O-shOOter has to calculate the time between two generated (picture) frames. The possible resolution of the timespan is given here. The smaller the value, the better the time can be calculated.

Sometimes you may set variables outside of the given range. The according error message is:
ValueTestingLF - xxx too small bzw. xxx too big
Behind the variable name you can see angled brackets. The first bracket names the level you can find the wrong value. 'ValueTestingLF - Flowers[2]=209 too big (max. 50)' means that the variable 'Flowers' at level 2 is too high (it may not be more than 50).
The second bracket names the number of the variable. 'ValueTestingLF - FlowerDMin[2][4]=509 too big (max. 100)' means that the value for the minimum size of flower number 4 (FlowerDMin04=) at level 2 is too big.
The third bracket names the place of a sequence. 'ValueTestingInt - ObjectConnect[4][11][3]=999 too big (max. 200)' means a too big value at the third place of the variable ObjectConnect at object number 11 at level number 4.
Too big values are cut to the biggest possible value, too small values are raised to the smallest possible value.

When permuting Min and Max value, you get the message:
ValueTestingMinMaxLF - xxxMin > xxxMax
The meaning of the brackets is the same as described above. The program changes Min and Max automatically. Note that -500 is smaller than -400.

ThemeValues - Double definition of ObjectNumber xxx in Level xxx
This message appears if you used an object number twice at one level.

ThemeValues - ObjectNumber=xxx in Level xxx out of range
This message appears if you used a too big object number.
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