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At this column you can learn to create your own egg-O-shOOter.
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Whatever you try to program, always keep the overview!
Until now, all examples of object programming given here, never used more than 6 objects. You realized that the most of those examples were incomplete. At the final stage of egg-O-shOOter the odd bird doesn't simply disappear if it is (accidentally) hit. Each hit causes a given reaction. To keep the overview when using different strands, it is a good idea to outline a scheme. Let's have a look at the vegetable soup, appearing at the first level of the game:
Ablaufplan egg-O-shOOter
Blue letters mark the objects being active at game start. The events (H=Hit / T=Time / R=Range) are written in green and the conditions ('If exists') are painted red. Let's try to read the scheme:
At game start the burner underneath the pot is not burning. If the burner is hit, the object 'burner OUT' activates the object 'burner ON'. If the object 'burner ON' is hit, it activates the object 'burner OFF' (loop back).
If the object 'Burner ON' is activated, the time starts ticking. After 5 seconds of time have passed by, the time event is triggered and the jumping lid and the steam bubbles are activated, IF THE LID IS STILL AT THE POT. This 'conditioned branching' is realized by the variable ObjectKoordPre=c7 of the jumping lid and the steam bubbles. 7 is the object number of the normal lid on top of the pot and the character 'c' in front commands that the jumping lid and the steam bubbles are only activated if the normal lid still exists.
The normal lid is active at game start. If it is hit, it becomes the 'flying lid' and falls from the pot. If the burner is ON and triggers the time event, the normal lid becomes the 'jumping lid'. If the normal lid is no longer active, because it was hit before the time event was triggered (became 'flying lid'), the 'jumping lid' can NOT be activated.
If the 'jumping lid' has been activated and is hit, it is turning into the 'flying lid' and the vegetables, cutlery and the snail are activated. Aside from the snail-shell all other objects turn to 'flying objects' whenever you hit one of them and you get the bonus / malus.
The snail-shell becomes a snail if you hit it and this snail falls down until it reaches the bottom. Here at the range event is triggered and the falling snail becomes the crawling snail.
Whenever you hit the snail, no matter if it is falling or crawling, the game is canceled immediately.

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