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At this column you can learn to create your own egg-O-shOOter.
<<<     Preliminary remark     >>>
Hi folks!
You would like to know how to modify your egg-O-shOOter? So read the following chapters carefully.
At the following sites the many many variables of the file 'themes.txt' are explained (I never counted them, but there are more than thousand per level) and the proceeding of replacing graphics and sounds will be described.
The idea to make egg-O-shOOter modifiable came to my mind when I was drawing the first graphics for the final version of the game. Until that time I just had painted some basic graphics like eggs and some bunnies to check the source code. First I considered how to protect the graphics from being modified. That is what the big players do to protect their intellectual property, tighten their market position and blablabla... . When looking at the graphics, I realized that they were not really valuable. I am more an engineer than an artist. So I decided to make the best out of the misery and altered the program code to make it possible to use nearly all kinds of graphics. The file 'themes.txt' was already an interface to the world outside the source code and both would be a great extension of the game. Anyway that was my own entrance to the world of programming. Quickbasic, installed at my Amiga 500, was the first programming language I was confronted with and somewhen I discovered those little game with the two monkeys standing at the top of skyscrapers and throwing exploding bananas at each other. Does anybody out there still know the game? I was very amused by altering the code so that I could throw nuclear-bomb-bananas at the monkey controlled by my brother :))
I hope to awake the same kind of interest at some of you computerkids out there with the help of my egg-O-shOOter. The descriptions at the following chapters are written for beginners in game coding, graphic design and sounde diting. Some basic skills (create new directories, find files or using text editors) should be presence. If questions remain, send me a mail. You can find my adress at the column imprint. If you are an expert in graphic design you may look to find soundengineers and programmers to establish a developer alliance. What about a interdisciplinary school project? Requests referring to something like that are welcome.
People already common with coding should also find some amusement. Use egg-O-shOOter as testing ground for some OpenGL experiments.
Learning by playing - that is what I would like to communicate.
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