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At this column you can learn to create your own egg-O-shOOter.
<<<     The file 'themes.txt'     >>>
The most important file of egg-O-shOOter is 'themes.txt'. This file is the interface between the source code and - You. With the help of this file you can alter the game action. A copy of 'themes.txt' can be found at each subdirectory of the game and it can be edited with a simple text editor (Kwrite, Kate or vi at Linux - Notepad or wordpad at Windows). When saving the file it has to be done as a simple, not formated text file. Saving as Office or Word documents will make it unreadable for the program. So open the file (at the subdirectory 'MyKitchen') with a text editor and let's start.

Did you already make a backup? So we can start.

You can see some lines containing a '#'. The egg-O-shOOter reads all lines until reaching those '#'. The remaining end of the line is ignored. That allows you to insert comments at several lines of the file. If a line starts with a '#', the whole line is ignored. You will find short comments above each variable.
For a better orientation, there are some special comments. To clarify which level you are editing, many lines are marked with #1#, #2#, ... #6#. The digit between the two '#' marks the corresponding level. #A# means the variable is responsible for all 6 level.
Each level starts with the line
'#+++ Parameter Level ++++++++++++++++++++++++++',
Angled brackets '[]' mark the beginning of multi line variables, e.g. the greeting text below the variable '[Welcome-Text English]'.
Rounded brackets include the valid range for the special variable. (-100/+100) means you can use values between -100 and +100. If the value given is outside the range, it is cut to the highest (lowest) possible value. If you set the value e.g. to -120 it is cut to -100 and a warning is written to the file log.txt.
The file 'log.txt' can be found at the egg-O-shOOter directory ('c:\Programme\egg-O-shOOter') and lists besides errors some information about the used hardware and so on. When altering your egg-O-shOOter you should have a look at this file from time to time to reduce errors!

To make the changes of 'themes.txt' work, you have to SAVE it! To import the new settings you have to press the 'N' key while playing any level of the game (it does not work while you are at the menus). Alternatively you can restart egg-O-shOOter after saving 'themes.txt'. For further information look at the section of the variable 'GameTesting'.

At the followinng chapters you can read more about all variables of the file 'themes.txt'.

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